Sterilization Instruments

In an environment where patient safety and sterility is critical SSD managers demand products that have a track record of reliability.

Volgo Care sterile container system is designed and tested by leading industry technicians. Our reusable rigid sterile containers are made from combination of anodized aluminium and stainless steel and designed to be strong durable and lightweight. The surface is treated with a special DuraCote™ coating, which makes the surface further resistant to chemical attack and enhances durability. Our range covers both standard containers with disposable and reusable Teflon filters and our filter free unique Biofree™ model. Also available are transparent lids polymer lids to observe contents without opening, wire mesh baskets, instrument baskets, silicone mat, instrument fixation system, dental model, implant model, mini model, scopy model, rack for kerrisons and rack for alligator forceps.

Advantages of Volgo Care  Sterile container Systems

Safe & Sterile: Volgo Care Containers ensure long lasting sterility is maintained during storage and transport under proper hospital conditions.

Economically Advantageous :Affordable procurement price, low running cost and long product life ensures value for money. Standard size stackable containers enable storage optimization. Ergonomically Smart Design:Easy to handle and transport ensuring your working environment remains fast, efficient and reliable.

Smart Identification:A variety of colour lids and identification labels enable easy and quick identification preventing errors and optimizing process efficiency.

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