Rhinology Instruments

Volgo Care Rhinology Instruments are meticulously designed and crafted to provide a cleaner and more precise cut, preserve mucosa, and minimize trauma to adjacent structures during sinus surgery.

Volgo Care range of rhinology instruments cover a broad spectrum and include the following nasal speculums, nasal polypus snares, nasal tampon forceps, nasal polypus forceps, septum forceps, ethmoid forceps, nasal cutting forceps, spehnoidal punches, rhinos plastic knives, septum knives, spetum elevators, periosteal elevators, septum chisels, septum osteotomes, spetum gouges, nasal saws, cartilage crushers, bone files, nasal rasps, nasal hooks and retractors, septum straightening forceps, antrum curettes, adenoid curettes, adenotomes, irrigation cannulas and sinus dilators.

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