Thorax & Cardiovascular Instruments

Cardiovascular conditions involve both the heart and blood vessels, and are treated by cardiovascular surgeons. Vascular and cardiovascular surgeries share some of a wide range of vascular instruments and operative techniques, and there is a vast wealth of parallel technological development and shared research.

At Volgo Care we value this research and close interaction between surgeons and R&D teams has resulted in constantly developing portfolio of products for the speciality of cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery.

We understand the importance of good visibility during the surgical procedure our diverse instruments and spreaders provide surgeons with ideal conditions and optimum visibility of the operative field.

Our cardio range include but is not limited to Vessel and Bulldog-Clamps, Vessel Clips, Atraumatic Vascular Clamps, Atraumatic Forceps, Rib Spreaders, Atrium, Aortic- Instruments, Retractors, Self-Retaining Retractors, Probes, Instruments for Dilatation, Micro- Instruments and General Surgical Instruments.

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