Diagnostic Instruments

State of the art manufacturing techniques, high-grade materials and a constant focus on innovation is the secret behind Denticon Diagnostic product range.

Our otoscopes guarantee excellent image quality with uniquely bright and reflex-free illumination of the tympanum and auditory canal. Our Corona™ Premium otoscopes feature distal fiber optic (F.O.) for bright illumination and maximum vision. Our otoscopes are also available in Apollo™ Standard range, featuring direct bulb illumination utilizing Denticon Xenon illuminated bulbs.

Opthalmoscope allows a medical professional to obtain visual access to a portion of the eye known as the fundus. This is the only portion of the eyes in which arteries, viens and nerves can be seen without surgical intervention. At Denticon we realize that a good view of the fundus is vital to asses not the health of the eye but the overall patient health. Our Corona™ Premium Ophthalmoscope sets the industry standard for optical quality and diagnostic accuracy. Our opthalmoscopes are also available in economy Apollo™ Standard range.

Volgo Care Stethoscopes feature an ergonomic solid chest piece, balanced weight and background noise cancellation to ensure excellent resonance. The finish is matt chrome finish and chest piece adjustable for comfort of the patients. All materials used in stethoscopes are latex free.

Volgo Care offers a complete range to cover practically all-surgical requirements, whether an application only needs just a basic ruler or an advanced caliper, tolerances are so tight as to demand the most accurate and highest resolution.

Each product component is designed using the latest CAD techniques to ensure maximum performance and manufactured from materials best suited to the purpose for guaranteed longevity.

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