Forceps - Surgical Forceps - Medical Forceps

Denticon forceps are characterized by tactile feel and overall balance. At Denticon we realise that our forceps are the extension of the surgeons thumb and forefinger and need to grasp and release with the same sensitivity as real fingertips. Our Master craftsmen with a wealth of experience adjust the spring tension in order to obtain the tension and feel required to precisely control the surgical instruments without tiring the surgeon’s hand.

Each aspect of the design for a forcep needs to be optimised to ensure perfect handling. The teeth are sharp and durable, shanks designed for feeling balance, handles where required are serrated for perfect grip, Spring part is calibrated to offer the surgeon perfect fingertip feeling, instrument junction is precision welded, serrations where required are well-defined for superb grip & perfect alignment and tips are well rounded and smooth.

Denticon premium forceps feature the Diam-n-Dust™ coating where the working end of the jaws are coated with a ultra fine layer of diamond dust the result is a high wear resistance surface which provides firm reliable grip for holding sutures, needles and tissue.

Forceps featuring UltraGripX™ technology have jaw inserts that are engineered by grinding individual teeth into hard, wear resistant tungsten carbide to produce a precise, sharp and well defined point with superb gripping properties.