Dental Extraction Instruments

Denticon dental forceps or dental extractions instruments are the preferred choice when performing extractions by dentists today in clinics worldwide.

Our specially designed ergonomic handles, tactile feedback and intelligent design help minimize tissue damage during tooth extraction so that bone integrity is preserved and extraction is considerably less traumatic.

Denticon Root Elevators feature a fine tapering blade the compresses the aveolar, cuts the membrane to enable the dentist to gently ease the tooth form its socket.

Dentiocn Forceps: All our extraction forceps feature Xtrac™ technology these forceps have been designed to provide sub gingival access to the tooth during extraction. We realize that maximizing tooth to forcep contact is critical to enhance grip and enable atruamatic tooth extractions. Therefore our extraction forceps' non-slip beaks are anatomically shaped, tapered, serrated and notched to reach deeper into the tooth socket and maximize tooth to forcep contact.