Gynecology & Obstetrical Instruments

Abdomin, Gynecology & Obstetrical Instruments

Abdominal surgery involves a surgical operation on organs inside the abdomen This may include surgery on the stomach, gallbladder, small intestine, or large intestine (colon), liver, pancreas, spleen, esophagus, and appendix. These surgeries utilize a range of abdominal surgery instruments available from Volgo Care Instruments both either as tailor made sets or standalone instruments.Obstetrician-gynecologists are physicians who possess special knowledge, skills and professional capability in the medical and surgical care of the female reproductive system and associated disorder. Volgo Care Instruments manufacturers a complete range of vaginal speculums & retractors, dilators, forceps and curettes to name a few of our instruments in this range. Obstetrician-gynecologists consistently recommend Volgo Care Instruments to their colleagues due to our reputation for quality instruments and backup service for our products