Anesthesia - Laryngoscope Instruments

Dentiocn laryngoscopes are designed and manufactured to make intubation simple, convenient and as safe as possible. The outcome is a broad product range featuring innovative design, performance, quality and overall value.

Our laryngoscopes range features all popular, Macintosh and Miller patterns.

Our Corona™ Premium and MaxBright™ LED laryngoscopes set the industry standard for optical quality and diagnostic accuracy and features distal fiber optic (F.O.) for bright illumination and maximum vision. Our laryngoscopes are also available in economical Apollo™ Standard range featuring direct bulb illumination utilizing Denticon Xenon illuminated bulbs.

Denticon Stethoscopes feature an ergonomic solid chest piece, balanced weight and background noise cancellation to ensure excellent resonance. The finish is matt chrome finish and chest piece adjustable for comfort of the patients. All materials used in stethoscopes are latex free.

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